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Cannabis Laws in White Plains (NY)

White Plains (New York) has strict laws regarding medical marijuana. Contrary to the other states in the USA marijuana was legalized in New York in July 2014 when Governor Cuomo signed S7923 as a law. This means that the legalization of medical cannabis came quite late in New York and the law became an act the same year allowing medical marijuana patients to access medical marijuana.
The Act is called the Compassionate Care Act and registered patients in New York can access medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries. This Act is a bit sterner than all the other medical marijuana laws in other states because you have to get yourself registered as a New York medical marijuana patient under a medical program. This registration will help them get medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries in White Plains, New York.
In addition, there are only very few doctors who can provide a medical marijuana recommendation to patients in New York. Doctors who provide such recommendations are educated about the laws pertaining to cannabis and how they work in the state. They also receive educational classes about medical marijuana, its use, and how medical marijuana works for different medical conditions. Only doctors with educational knowledge on medical marijuana can provide a medical marijuana prescription to the patient.

Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in White Plains

Increased Dispensary Access

MMJ cardholders in White Plains have the opportunity to receive various advantages if they have a cannabis card or recommendation. They can access a wide range of dispensaries in New York state and avail a wide range of cannabis products.

Quality Products Provision

Along with medical marijuana, dispensaries across the state of New York also provide wide access to special cannabis products. Particularly for people who have a medical marijuana card. They can purchase products such as tinctures, oils, tablets, topicals, etc.

Legal Security

An MMJ recommendation also protects a patient from legal penalties associated with marijuana laws. The patient can possess, consume and purchase marijuana legally. However, public consumption is prohibited, only private consumption is allowed.

First-Rate Treatment

Once a qualified physician recommends cannabis which is quite similar to an actual prescription, the doctors qualified to treat the patient will provide the utmost services. They will recommend a specific dose, good quality product, and experienced advice.

Designated Caregiver

A registered patient in the state of New York with a medical recommendation from a licensed practitioner is allowed to designate one or even two caregivers. A designated caregiver must be 21 or older to get medical cannabis for its patients.

Age Limits

Medical cannabis will be available to people with a medical marijuana card. However, the patient has to be at least 21 years of age or older. Contrary to this, registered patients under the age of 21 can access medical marijuana through a designated caregiver.

Marijuana Possession Rules for Patients in White Plains

Medical marijuana patients residing in the state of New York need to follow some rules. These rules as stated under the Compassionate Care Act require a medical marijuana patient to seek lawful advice before planning on possessing or even cultivating medical marijuana. As stated under the law a patient in need of medical marijuana is not allowed to cultivate their own cannabis. This also means that a patient has to stay away from any kind of unlawful activities as cultivating marijuana in New York is a punishable offense. For registered medical marijuana patients, a possession limit is not clear. However, the possession limit is subject to a medical marijuana card and the same may also depend on the doctor in consultation. Also, if you are a medical marijuana patient in White Plains then you are allowed to stock up and possess medical cannabis on a 30 day supply basis. But always remember that if the possession limit exceeds, the particular individual gets charged with a fine for the first time and the fine increases gradually with the second and third offense.

Looking For a Cannabis Treatment in White Plains?

Here’s How You Can Talk to a Medical Marijuana Doctor About Your Cannabis Treatment

Be Transparent During Your Evaluation

You have to be completely honest and clear about your medical condition. This will help you stay transparent while talking to the doctor. Leaving any details out of the evaluation process can obstruct the process of medical marijuana evaluation. So, ensure that you talk to your doctor with complete transparency and leave no medical details out. For the same, you can submit your medical history and talk about the current symptoms you have.

Ask Questions

You must ask all the questions you have in mind. Particularly for patients who decide to treat their medical condition with medical marijuana. So, make sure you clear all your doubts and ask the right question during the consultation. For instance, should you take medical cannabis along with your current medication? What is the right dose and how much should you start with and if there are any side effects to medical cannabis consumption. All these questions will help you clear your doubts.

Take Your Doctor's Opinion Seriously

Your doctor’s opinion is of utmost importance. This is why it is necessary to respect his opinion and follow the advice carefully. No matter how much knowledge you have about cannabis in general, only a medical marijuana expert or a doctor will be able to guide you in the right direction. They have extensive experience and they know how medical marijuana works in accordance with the human body.

Answer Honestly During Consultation

Your answers will help the doctor analyze your condition carefully. So, don’t rush into getting an MMJ card in White Plains, NY. Be patient and answer all the questions asked by the doctor with clarity. Try to come into a comfortable zone with the concerned doctor and most vitally answer each question honestly to accelerate the process of evaluation.

Learn When to Seek a Second Opinion

If you are not happy with our services you can go ahead and take a second opinion. But try to be comfortable with the doctor and be open about your medical condition. This will help the doctor analyze your condition thoroughly and give what you came looking for. Also, we will not charge any money from you until you are approved by the doctor and you have a qualifying medical condition for medical marijuana use. After all, the entire process is about your health and your satisfaction with our services.

More About Medical Cannabis in White Plains, New York

The Compassionate Care Act signed by Governor in July 2014 allows registered patients in New York to access medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

Patient Caregiver in White Plains

If you are a registered patient in White Plains, NY then you can access almost every dispensary in the state. In addition to this, a registered patient is also allowed to designate more than one caregiver. Designated caregivers above the age of 21 can purchase cannabis on their patient’s behalf. Also, it has to be noted that a patient’s caregiver cannot be the physician or health care provider.

White Plains Registry ID Renewal

A registered medical marijuana patient will receive a notification that you need to renew your existing MMJ card or evaluation. You should start with the process of renewal as soon as the expiration date arrives since renewal takes time. In the case of a caregiver, you need to make an appointment three weeks ahead of the expiration date.

MMJ Patients Possession Limits

A registered MMJ patient is not allowed to cultivate marijuana in White Plains. A patient can purchase medical marijuana from registered dispensaries and purchase or possession limits depend on the doctor. Patients and caregivers are allowed to possess or purchase a 30 day supply as advised by the doctor in the recommendation.

Qualifying Conditions for an MMJ Patient in White Plains

Under the New York State Medical Program, patients in White Plains, NY diagnosed with the state qualified medical conditions or life-threatening conditions are provided legal protection. The concerned law as stated under the Assembly Bill 6375 will help provide MMJ card to the patients who have:

Parkinson’s Disease
Medical conditions associated with nerve and spinal cord damage
Gehrig’s Disease
Huntington’s Disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Patients with life-threatening conditions are also entitled to access a medical marijuana card in New York:

Severe Nausea
Severe Chronic Pain
Continuous or Severe Pain in the Muscles

In addition, medical marijuana doctors may recommend medical cannabis as a pain-relieving opioid substitute. This is a new amendment that was made to the existing program in July 2018.

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